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Extracting just the audio from big video files

29 July 2017

Update 24 Aug 2017: How to get the big video file from an Air Mozilla page.

  1. Sign in if needed and go to the page with the video on it.

  2. Control-I to open the page info window.

  3. Open the "Media" tab in the page info window, and find the item with type "Video".

  4. Click "Save As" to save the video.

Got a big video, and want a copy of just the audio for listening on a device with limited storage? Use Soundconverter.

soundconverter -b -m mp3 -s .mp3 long-video.webm

(MP3 patents are expired now, hooray! I'm just using MP3 here because if I get a rental car that lets me plug in a USB stick for listening, the MP3 format is most likely to be supported.)

Soundconverter has a GUI but you can use -b for batch mode from the shell. soundconverter --help for help. You do need to set both the MIME type, with -m, and the file suffix, with -s.