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19 August 2019

Do you agree that Brands, And Now Publishers, Must Get The Message About Programmatic Creative? Or have we gone "Beyond Copy"

Bruce Schneier has a great piece on the Influence Operations Kill Chain but it misses one step. What if a social network is so committed to getting a cryptocurrency approved that the moderators end up coming in on the misinfo side? And a reality check on filtering: Facebook is already flooded with fake Libra cryptocurrency scams. If they can't filter out ads about their own brand, based on photos of their own CEO, what can they do for political ads where the creative can be more varied? And will they even want to?

If you advertise on Facebook, read this: Trauma Counselors Were Pressured to Divulge Confidential Information About Facebook Moderators, Internal Letter Claims And if you don't advertise on Facebook, go ahead and feel a little more satisfied with yourself. You're doing a great thing for our country.

Q: Why don't you ride your bike in traffic? It's convenient, fun and great exercise!
A: Man Caught Playing Pokemon Go On Eight Phones In His Car

Apple will soon treat online web tracking the same as a security vulnerability. Apple: 'We'll treat sites like malware if they break ad tracking rules'. WebKit’s new anti-tracking policy puts privacy on a par with security. (The message here is that if you want to track Apple's users, move them to your private island and hunt them, I mean make a native iOS app with tracking SDKs.) And ICYMI: Introducing tracking prevention, now available in Microsoft Edge preview builds

Most EU cookie ‘consent’ notices are meaningless or manipulative, study finds. In other news, ursine defecation observed in forest environments.

Can CCPA Be a Good Thing for Marketers? Now, we need to prove that the data is being stored, managed and used with the utmost integrity and privacy safeguards possible. Regulations like GDPR and CCPA provide the opportunity for marketers to become accountable for this process and allow us to step up and show what great stewards of data we are. More CCPA: Why the CCPA's 'verified consumer request' is a business risk. IMHO CCPA will do for marginally useful PII in Marketing what the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act did for marginally useful hazardous materials in manufacturing—make it easier to just get rid of it and update your processes to do without.

Digital buzzword watch: contextual. The halo effect is real: New research confirms that ads perform better in quality contexts, How quality content separates publishers from ad streams, New Study Shows That All This Ad Targeting Doesn't Work That Well, Contextual Targeting’s Coming Renaissance