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Conference talk abstracts and links

14 April 2020

Southern California Linux Expo: Hacking the California Consumer Privacy Act for Fun and Profit (and freedom and privacy) | 18x A new California law that will help protect you from scams and misinformation, by taking control of your personal information. For legit sites that respect people's privacy, CCPA helps shift the balance of power on the web away from the "data brokers" that share people's sensitive health and finance information on the Internet, and toward sites that people trust. (March 5-8, 2020)

Southern California Linux Expo: Designing a market to reduce software risk and compensate open source contributors | 18x Developers face the risks of under-incentivization, leading to lack of sustainability of key projects. Meanwhile, users face the risks of missing or delayed features, bugs going un-fixed, and software projects going unmaintained. This project is one of several recent attempts to improve transparency, incentivization, and sustainability in the production of software. (March 5-8, 2020)

Trust, Identity and Data Privacy: A Multistakeholder Approach: Report from Mozilla’s test of their global consent browser-plug in tool Users need help managing their privacy preferences across multiple web services. Mozilla is testing “Global Consent Manager” — a browser tool for that purpose. Learn about the test and the surprising initial data about engagement. (April 24-25, 2019)

Nudgestock Festival Why exactly does digital advertising make people feel uncomfortable? What are its downfalls? And how does GDPR present an opportunity for brands seeking to reach people online? (June 2018)

Mumbrella MSIX, with Eaon Pritchard Don Marti, open source innovation strategist at Mozilla, and Eaon Pritchard, head of strategy at UM, will take the stage to explore the ‘signal’ in digital. With web advertising grabbing headlines for fraud, privacy and trust issues, Marti and Pritchard will look at making it possible to use the web as a different kind of advertising medium, one that works better for carrying an economic signal.

FOSDEM 2018 In order to make open collaboration more effective, we are using simple market mechanisms to add incentives to do useful work. This demonstration shows how users can put financial value directly in the hands of the people who can fix the software issues that are most important to you, and how you can discover which issues really matter to yoru project's users. (February 3-4, 2018)

MozFest 2018, with Matt Snell We will discuss how consent management on the web works today, and the relationship between user privacy and reputable content providers. Web users face a confusing array of data sharing choices, and click fatigue can lead to poor user experience and possible inadvertent selection of options that do not match the user’s privacy norms. Reputable content providers face revenue disruption arising from changing data privacy regulations. (October 26-28, 2018)