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this guy is bad at game theory

04 February 2019

From the spam folder:

I am a well known hit man on deep web. Someone paid me 1000 USD to beat you and broke your right arm. (Why? I don't know) I will take 1000 USD more after my client sees your broken arm!

If you send 2000 USD to me, I will cancel the job, and I will give you the name of my client. Else, I will finish my job asap!

Send the above amount on my BTC wallet (Bitcoin): 3JDLJWW5K6AsP1VBUD1Dgsxk9ydtcdMFvz As soon as the payment is completed I will receive a notification and a new email with the client's details will follow.

You have 24 hours from now on!

Hold on a minute.

He has a reputation, but he's going to ruin it, and burn an existing customer, in order to earn 1.5x what he was originally going to earn from the deal?

Where did this clown learn his game theory?

Nobody would take an established brand, fail to deliver the product or service that the brand was originally known for, and leak their good customer's private info, just to go chase incremental revenue driven by unproven new technology, right?