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CCPA for nerds, part 2

20 July 2020

Here's a quick update on CCPA opt out, nerd edition, which describes how I can send so many CCPA opt-outs so quickly. As you may recall, I made a simple CCPA opt-out tool, using...

  1. Mutt with GNU Privacy Guard

  2. Keybase

  3. A /code/ccpa shell script

  4. An opt-out letter. This is my opt-out that includes some language on Facebook data transfers.

The script generates signed CCPA opt-out requests, which do work.

But how do I get my PII into the outgoing mail, without putting it in the CCPA opt-out letters?

Use templates. Since I already know Mustache templates from web development, the final tool in the CCPA opt out stack is...

  1. mo is a tool to replace simple {{ STUFF }} template variables with values taken from environment variables.

So now I just set CCPA_ADDRESS and CCPA_PHONE in my .bashrc and they get substituted into the letter.

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