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WIP: running a CCPA-in

13 November 2020

Something to keep in mind for when they open up street fairs again. Could also run this as a local public library event or trade show booth.


  • computer(s)
  • laser printer (office type with low cost/page)
  • one box per company
  • generator (if at a street fair)

How it works.


  1. Hook up the hardware.

  2. Label the boxes with the addresses of the companies to be opted out of.

For each user:

  1. User goes up to the computer, opens a simple web application, and types in their info.

  2. User can preview a sample CCPA letter on screen.

  3. User approves their contact info as it appears on the sample letter.

  4. Application generates a multi-page PDF, one company opt-out per page, and prints.

  5. User signs each page and hands back to a volunteer

  6. Volunteer puts each page in the appropriate company's box.

At the end of the event:

  1. A volunteer seals up each box of letters

  2. A volunteer takes each box to the appropriate company (if local) or ships it.

This should be able to do CCPA letters at under a dime each. Under one cent for the paper, three or four cents in printing costs, about three cents per page for shipping if a large number are packed and shipped together.

This could also be set up as a kiosk with a drop box for step 5 and just come around every so often to empty it and ship out a batch.

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