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how to keep the wrong sorts of people out of your place

25 April 2021

How to keep the wrong sorts of people out of your place, using Google FLoC.

  1. Post a FLoC checker QR code.

FLoC QR code

  1. Make everybody scan it when they come in.

  2. Check their phones.

    • Green: good cohort

    • Red: bad or missing cohort. If they turned off FLoC or installed an alt-browser, they're probably hiding that they're in a bad cohort.

    • Blue: Apple Safari, you figure it out.

(no, I don't think anybody should actually do this, but it's only a little bit of JavaScript so people are certainly going to try. So it could turn out that non-Google browsers will end up having to provide a realistic cohort instead of just not implementing FLoC.)

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