list of post-creepy web ad systems

CodeFund is an open source ad platform that connects software developers with highly relevant products, services, and brands through ethical advertising. Publishers receive 50%-68% of the revenue. We do not track, profile, or sell information. We do not use cookies. We only show ads that are relevant and meaningful to the users. These are not just words. Our platform is open source. We have no secrets on how we do things.

Daring Fireball ads are first-party, and priced per month, with up to five advertisers on the site per month. Not only is there no tracking involved, there is no JavaScript involved. They’re just images, text, and HTML links. (The images are even served from itself.) You have my word that I will never allow tracking via these or any other ads on Daring Fireball without posting a big prominent “OK, DF Ads Are Now Tracking You” post on the site. I don’t expect ever to allow this.

Project Wonderful runs an auction system that sells ads by the day, not by impressions or clicks. (Seems to be mostly used by web comics.)

Read the Docs is building newspaper advertising, on the Internet. Priced per click, targetable by country and contextually by programming language covered on the page where the ad appears.

No longer active

The DECK was an ad network for sites serving developers and designers, and was the inspiration for Daring Fireball's ad system.