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07 October 2022

Don't forget to move the cat! It's street sweeping day on our side of the street.

On my old Android phone, I once made an alarm for move car on street sweeping day. But I did a typo, so I used to get alarms about moving the cat. We don't have an actual cat, but it's now an in joke here anyway. Did you move the cat? Meow! It's just one of those things. And now I miss my old phone.

I miss it, but it's right here. I just picked it up. If I turned it on, I would be able to visit a web site, or take a picture, or whatever. All the hardware is in perfect working order. But I can't take the risk of actually using it for all the stuff that people expect me to use a phone for, because it's no longer getting software updates. And of course we all agree that it's important to keep your devices updated. The updates stopped, so I switched phones. (Yes, I had to abandon my plan for an all USB-C device collection and buy some Lightning cables.) I had a useful thing that I had to turn off for the last time.

I still have my old phone, but I don't have it in a way that matters, in a way that I could really use it. It's satisfying to keep a useful thing working, and the opposite of satisfying to put something in the e-waste box, or worse, the maybe for projects later stack. I know that Google has no legal obligation to me, there's NO WARRANTY, that's life in the big city. I shouldn't care, right? It's just a phone. Somebody at Google nailed one of their OKRs by letting my old phone go out of support. They won. I lost.