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One place I will probably not buy a car.

02 March 2019

One place I will probably not buy a car: Franklin Sussex Auto Mall, in New Jersey.

I still have a Facebook account, I don't check Facebook often enough for it to be a good way to reach me. See the page footer here for contact info. mostly to keep up on the ad scene there. When I checked Facebook's page of ads targeting me, this company is listed under advertisers "Who use a contact list added to Facebook."

New Jersey car dealer

Somehow, Franklin Sussex Auto Mall got a hold of my email address or phone number, and uploaded it to Facebook. Have I ever shopped for a car in New Jersey? No. If I was shopping for a car, would I fly to New Jersey to buy it and then drive it home? No.

And now that I look at it, when I go through the advertisers that Facebook lists as having uploaded my info, most of them are car dealers I have never visited or contacted. Someone has a pretty good racket going here. How much are they making from the car dealers? (Yes, this is a bad thing, because car dealers could be spending that money to build positive reputation by funding local news, or other ad-supported resources with positive externalities, but we knew that already.)

Maybe when they write the history of the big social site era, it won't be about some all-seeing panopticon, but more about a bunch of people in a highly paid California bubble, mostly young guys who have been told they're smart their whole lives, getting out-hustled at a direct marketing business they don't really care about.

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