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Recording audio from YouTube

08 October 2021

So, I was on a panel a while ago: What Does the Future Hold for Global Privacy Controls? - YouTube

The main point here is that Global Privacy Control affects all marketing projects at a company, not just web advertising.

  • If you have a GPC from a customer, it affects everything including sales of postal direct mail lists, social media custom audiences, all of it.

  • If you use GPC when you place an order, and you give the seller your info, then GPC affects all of what the company can do with your info, not just your current web session or order.

Anyway, they put it up as a YouTube video, so if I want to make an audio file to listen to offline I should download and convert it.

Step 1: Make a recording with Live Recorder.

Step 2: Extract the audio stream with ffmpeg. (source: video conversion - Lossless extraction of streams from WebM - Super User)

ffmpeg -i input.webm -vn -acodec copy out.ogg

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