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13 April 2018

Post-creepy web ad sightings: What's next for web advertising after browser privacy improvements and regulatory changes make conventional adtech harder and harder?

The answer is probably something similar to what's already starting to pop up on niche sites. Here's a list of ad platforms that work more like print, less like spam: list of post-creepy web ad systems. Comments and suggestions welcome (mail me, or do a GitHub pull request from the link at the bottom.)

Fun with bug futures: we're in Mozilla's Internet Health Report. Previous items in that series:

ICYMI: Mozilla experiment aims to reduce bias in code reviews

Lots of GDPR and next-generation web ads stories in the past few weeks. A few must-read ones.

Publishers Haven't Realized Just How Big a Deal GDPR is My advice to you is rethink your approach to GDPR. This is your chance to be a part of the solution, rather than being part of the problem.

Brand Safety Is Not Driving Media Allocation Decisions in 2018/19

Mark Ritson: This is a critical point in marketers’ relationship with data privacy

What GDPR really means